Basic Home Visitation Skills reasons to choose Basic Home Visitation Skills

If you have ever served, or at some point in time plan to serve a client or family in their home, then participating in this training will give you a set of skills invaluable to the service you provide.  The training is fun and full of activities rather than set in a lecture / discussion style.
If you supervise human service professionals and/or para-professionals, then this training curriculum will allow you to train those workers to be more efficient, safe and effective within the client’s home environment.  The curriculum is easy to facilitate with step-by-step instructions.  In addition, a 2-day training for curriculum facilitators is available and offered often at a very reasonable rate, if you need that extra support for presenting this to your staff. 
Another option would be to offer other organizations in your community the opportunity to attend the trainings you provide and charge registration fees to be used as a fund-raising activity.

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